Cash for Clothes Testimonials

We were established as a local family business in 2002, and in that time we are delighted to have been able to provide a service which has not only benefitted local people, helping them turn their unwanted items into extra cash, but also the wider community.

Since our inauguration, we have worked with many charities across South Wales, helping them transform the old clothes, books, bedding, CDs and DVDs into the cash they so desperately need. In that time we have worked with St Vincent’s Community Shops, Track 2000, Ty Hafan, PDSA and The Salvation Army, who have received a total of over £169,000 to support their ongoing projects as a direct result of our work.

In this time, we have also helped 38 schools across South Wales recycle clothes, paper and plastic to raise much needed funds for school trips and educational projects. We delighted to have such amazing customers, and our cash for clothes case studies and testimonials form just a small selection of the lovely things they have had to say about our work.

What our lovely customers have to say…

“I’m delighted I chose to use Cash for Clothes in Barry. There are a number of local companies offering a similar service in the same area but Cash for Clothes not only offered me the best price per kilo for all my old clothes, they also came and picked them up the very same day. All I had to do was give them a call. They came to my house, weighed all the clothing and left me with a nice pile of cash. Now I can afford to refill my wardrobe!”


Emma, Penarth



“I opted to use Cash for Clothes in Barry mainly because their website looked so much more professional than all the others. It made it really clear just what I needed to do with the three boxes of old books I had, and how much cash I could expect to receive. I was also pleased to read how they would reuse my books, with most of them being sold abroad to help foreign language students learn English. And, whatever happened, at least none of the books would end up on a landfill site.”


Brian, Cadoxton     



“The site is so easy to use. I was helping to clear out a relative’s house who had hundreds of old CDs she wanted to get rid of. We simply called Cash for Clothes in Barry and the collection guys came to pick up all the old items, paying us in cash there and then.”


Tim, Wenvoe



“We take recycling really seriouslyso wanted to make sure all my husband clothes would either be reused by someone who needs them, or at least recycled so they could be used again. I’m always slightly cautious about cash for clothes firms just because of some of the stories you hear about them not living to their ethical claims. To be fair, Cash for Clothes in Barry was excellent. The service was spot on and the collection team were really friendly.”


Mrs Lundell, Barry



“I can’t actually think of anything that would improve this service. If you’re looking to get rid of old items and make some money at the same time, this basically works the same way as a car boot sale, without the hassle of standing in the rain for three hours. It takes no effort at all, I just drove my clothes and some old linen I no longer needed down to Station Street and they did all the work for me.”


Jen, Sully



“The cash you receive donating your old clothes turns out to be more than I thought. I had 35kg of old clothes, books and films I wanted shot of, which worked out at over £20. I didn’t actually think it would be worth any money. So I had a night out on the town which was basically completely free!”


Tony, Holton Road



“The service was excellent and the collection team picked up my clothes when they said they would. Fast and efficient. Would definitely use again.”


Lynn, Barry



“I run a business where I clearout out flats and houses ready for new tenants and owners. Most of the stuff left by the previous tenants is junk, but anything that’s in good condition I take down to Cash for Clothes in Barry where they pay me cash for it there and then. It saves me the trouble of disposing of it myself.”


John, Sully



“I received £14 cash for what was a little over 20 kilograms of clothing. It was three black sacks full of old clothes I had outgrown including coats, shoes and hoodies. The clothing wasn’t good enough to sell on eBay, so it was either the charity shop or the recycling station. Instead I took them to Cash for Clothes in Barry, and I thought the money I received was actually very reasonable. Especially as I didn’t have to dispose of the clothing myself.”

Georgia, The Knap



Become our next Cash for Clothes testimonial

If you have bags of clothing, books, DVDs, CDs or computer games, or a mishmash of any of these items, bring them along to: The Old Warehouse, 91 Station Street, Barry, CF63 4LX, and we will pay you cash there and then. Become our next Cash for Clothes testimonial and give us a call today.