Fundraising for Schools


Fundraising in Barry

Today we find ourselves in tough times, when many people are struggling to get by. One of the biggest victims of the economic downturn are schools, church groups and organisations such as the Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts, along with volunteer run sports clubs, all which for the backbone of our communities. These organisations rely on donations from members of the public, and sadly, there just isn’t as much as money to go around. People have less disposable income, and as a result, donations to such groups are on the decline.

Fortunately, there are plenty of methods of fundraising for schools, church groups and organisations such as the Brownies, which do no require financial contributions from members of the public. Take a minute to look around your home. How many items do you no longer need? What about all those DVDs you have watched a thousand times before? Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams with clothes you’re never going to wear? Well, what better way of fundraising in Barry than turning all your unwanted items into cash.

Let’s get organised!

The first step in raising funds for schools, church groups and community organisations is to get organised. Individually we can make a difference, because every little helps, but when we come together as a community, we can make a marked change to the prospects of the organisations that play such an important part in all of our lives.

We pay 50p for every kilo of clothing we collect. If you have 300 people in the community who are willing to contribute just 10 kilograms of clothing each, you could raise £1,500 for the local community. One black bag full of clothes weighs an average of 10 kilograms, so each person will need to fill just one black bag of clothes for you to reach your target.

At for Cash for Clothes in Barry, we will happily collect your bags of clothes, boxes of shoes, old DVDs, books, CDs, or whatever it is you want to turn into cash, and weigh the items in front of you using our EU calibrated scales. We will then you pay cash instantly, there and then. Fundraising in Barry has never been so easy!

Mobilise the community

To really get the attention of the local community it is important to set out precisely what it is you are trying to achieve. A message which compels people to act should include:

  • How much money you need to raise
  • How you intend to raise the money
  • Which school, organisation or community group the money will benefit
  • How the money will benefit the recipient
  • How the community will benefit from the additional funds
  • The importance of everyone playing their part

Fundraising for schools

If you are raising funds for a local school, all pupils should receive a letter detailing the aim of the fundraising project to give to their parents. In the past we have been involved in many very successful fundraising for schools projects which have raised in excess of £20,000.

Typically, schools ask parents, family members or neighbours to bring in between one and three bags of clothes, shoes, towels, linen, books, DVDs or computer games (you can find a full list of the items we accept here). In an average school of approximately 500 pupils, this can easily amount to £10,000, which can be used to pay for books, sporting equipment, essential repairs, or even a new school minibus.

Fundraising for schools in this way can bring the community together and make a huge difference to the fortunes of the school. However, you also have the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from knowing that the majority of the clothes you donate will go to third world countries, where they will be gratefully received by low income families in Kenya and other poverty stricken countries. You will also be doing your bit for the environment, as every item of clothing which cannot be sent to a third world country is ethically recycled, with nothing sent to landfill.

 How Cash for Clothes can help

The part we play in fundraising in Barry is simple. Firstly, if you require any support, please call our friendly customer services team on 01446 735789, or email: They are always full of bright ideas to help drum up support for your fundraising activities. Alternatively, if all your plans are already in place, then simply:

  • Give us a call to agree a convenient date and time for us to collect your unwanted items
  • We will dispatch one of our vans to your location
  • We will weigh your unwanted items in front of you
  • And pay cash there and then to help support your school, church or community group

Just one last thing…

Always be mindful of bogus charity collection schemes. Some are not genuine and in some cases the named charity either doesn’t exist, or will only receive a very small proportion of the total money raised. Here at Cash for Clothes in Barry, we pay more than almost all other clothing collection schemes in the Barry area. So, by letting us pay cash for your unwanted items, you receive the maximum amount of money, which you are free to spend as you choose. If you decide to donate the money to a charity or community project, at least you can do so safe in the knowledge that they will gladly receive every penny of the money you donate.