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You don’t have to be a dedicated follower of fashion to chop and change your clothes faster than you might like. The seasons march relentlessly on and bring with them huge changes in the weather here in Wales, so much so that the extra thick knit pullover you didn’t take off during the winter months has quickly become surplus to requirements. The same could be said for those slightly too threadbare sports you spent most of the summer in…

Before you know it, a mountain of clothes is spilling out all over your wardrobe, dressing room or bedroom, leaving you with little or no space for the new season’s arrivals. So, what do you? Well, here’s how we can help.

We pay cash for your old clothes

It’s not just about making space for new clothes; receiving instant cash for your old clothes is also a great way of generating money to spend on new clothes, buy birthday presents, pay for kids’ clubs and activities or foot the bill for a great night out!

Simply bag up your old clothes and shoes and bring them along to Cash for Clothes in Barry, where we pay cash for every item in good condition. 

  • Simply bag up your clothes and bring them along to The Old Warehouse, 91 Station Street, Barry, CF63 4LX. 
  • Due to covid regs and changes in business we will check your clothing for any visual damage and cleanliness, at certain times of the day there may be queues. Please ensure you respect social distancing.
  • You receive the cash straightaway; there are no delays or waiting around for a cheque to clear.
  • There is a one kilogram minimum on the weight of clothes we accept.
  • Your clothes are sent to a loving new home

The vast majority of the clothes will be sorted into items for particular climates before being sent to a deserving new home. Most of the clothing will be sent to Kenya to be reused by low income families. The rest of the clothing will be fully and ethically recycled to make the most of every piece of fabric we buy. So, while you’re busy de-cluttering your home, you’ll also be helping those who are in desperate need of good quality clothing, who might not otherwise be able to buy these essential items for themselves.

Cash for your unwanted items

But it doesn’t just stop there. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no such thing as bad rubbish, which is why we will happily take a whole host of your old, unused items off your hands, leaving you with a neat pile of cold hard cash. As well as cash 4 clothes, we also pay for your old:

  • Books
  • Vinyl Records and singles

We can recycle other media but can no longer pay for:

  • DVDs
  • Computer games
  • CDs

Every unwanted item is recycled in full and nothing is sent to landfill!

Cash for Books - Now 8p per Kilo

Receive cash for books you have read and no longer need or books you have recently replaced with an e-book. Clear up shelf space and receive cash for unwanted books; it’s a win-win scenario!

Are your books well past their shelf life? We pay 8p per kilo for books, you can quickly fill up your pockets by bringing in a good bag of books to our srore.

The books we buy are either:

  • Sold online on over 20 sites worldwide
  • Shipped to bookshops across Europe
  • Bought by expats
  • Bought by people learning English

Any books that cannot be sold are fully recycled by our partner firm DS Smith Recycling Ltd, where they are pulped and turned into packaging materials

Recycling for DVDs, CDs and computer games - NOW also Vinyl records and singles

Are you sure you still you need Cher’s greatest hits? How about NOW 33, complete with Babylon Zoo’s ‘Spaceman’ and Meatloaf’s ‘Not a Dry Eye in the House’? What about that old Davina McCall work out DVD? Probably not hey. Well, rather than simply throwing your old audio adventures away, why not receive some cold hard cash for your old rubbish?

Simply place all your unwanted items in a bag and bring them along to our Cash for Clothes shop in Barry, where we will recycle everything free of charge. And remember, we send nothing to landfill!

*We only accept DVDs, CDs and computer games which include the original artwork, protective case and are free from heavy scratches. We do not accept fakes.

Get in touch!

Pop along to the Old Warehouse, 91 Station Street, Barry, and we will give you cash for clothes. Tel. 01446 735789 

Clothes (Including Cuddly toys, belts, shoes, Handbags)

(Not torn wet or stained. No Pillows, sleeping bags, duvets, carpets, rugs or other foam items)

DVDs, CDs, Computer Games

(Needs to Include Artwork and Case. No fakes or freebies. No Heavy scratches.)

BOOKS (Not wet, no magazines pamphlets or old encyclopaedias)

Cash for Clothes Collection

We aim to be the easiest, friendliest and most convenient cash for clothing service out there. We want to make it simple for you to support the local community, schools and charities by collecting your old clothes for cash. Not only that, our commitment to the ethical reuse and recycling of your old items ensures that no clothing item we pick up ever ends up at landfill.

Clothes (Including Cuddly toys, belts, shoes, Handbags)

(Not torn wet or stained. No Pillows, sleeping bags, duvets, carpets, rugs or other foam items)

DVDs, CDs, Computer Games

(Needs to Include Artwork and Case. No fakes or freebies. No Heavy scratches.)

BOOKS (Not wet, no magazines pamphlets or old encyclopaedias)

Working with Charities in Barry and Across South Wales

The opportunity to help support the work of local charities is something we relish. Since we were established as a family run business in 2002, we have done everything we can, not only to work ethically in terms of our recycling commitments, but also to complement this sustainable environmental approach with a dedication to supporting local social causes.

Why Do We Recycle?

Recycling clothes for cash is certainly not a new industry, having appeared over 200 years ago in the Yorkshire Dales, where rag and bone men first collected and reused old textiles and clothing.

Much has changed in the intervening years. The advancement of technology now makes it possible to recycle both manmade and artificial fibres, to the tune of approximately one million tonnes of clothing each year. Rather than simply throwing your clothes away, we help you experience the environmental and social benefits of recycling, along with the peace of mind that your garments will be gratefully received by low income families across the world.

Family run business. More information coming soon!